About Jahnke Electronics

Specializing in repair and alignment of Kenwood brand ham radio gear, Jahnke Electronics had its start as a consortium of two neighborhood friends in early 2008. Paul brought experience in a recent industrial supply startup business specializing in high end surplus equipment. Steve had been a ham for over 30 years and also was a Motorola trained technician who routinely was repairing and aligning aging ham radio equipment. A shop sight was chosen and an array of test and repair equipment acquired – the duo began marketing their services locally at first and on the internet soon thereafter. Since then, many thousands of units have been brought back into service – some deemed un-repairable by their owners. These transceivers have been sent successfully to just about every country on every continent to the joy of Hams worldwide. We would be happy to work with you on the acquisition of ham equipment that will be new to you or on the repair of your old and trusted equipment. You will find the equipment in our store to be fully serviced and ready for years of service. Purchased equipment as well as repaired equipment will arrive to you safely and professionally packaged as if it were new, cleaned and fully tested with a guarantee of proper operation. We are constantly mindful of the fact that we are a customer driven business and we are committed to the satisfaction of that customer both short term and long.

In Our Store

Shipping Notice

International shipping with US Postal Priority Mail, FedEx and UPS is possible to Canada, Europe and Australia and worldwide. Small parts such as filters, chipsets and cables can easily fit into a flat rate envelope which takes 6 to 10 days and costs $30 to Canada and $40 to the rest of the world.