Ham Radio Specialists

Specializing in repair and alignment of Kenwood brand ham radio gear, Jahnke Electronics based in Green Bay Wisconsin works with you on the acquisition of ham equipment that will be new to you or on the repair of your old and trusted equipment. You will find the equipment in our store to be fully serviced and ready for years of service.

Email contact is preferred as we can keep a written copy of requests and questions both general and technical.

As you look around in our store, please keep in mind that the listings you see are either in stock or have been in stock and now are sold. If the listing offers to “read more” – it is out of stock. If the listing offers “add to cart” it is in stock and ready to ship. On a daily basis, we are adding and subtracting radios and transceivers and parts.

We can and do service many different Kenwood models including but not limited to the TS50, TS60, TS520, TS530, TS430, TS440, TS450, TS790, TS850, TS950. We can rebuild yours or find you another good for years of service. We also can rebuild your Kenwood amplifier TL922. Please drop us an email for more information!

We are constantly mindful of the fact that we are a customer driven business and we are committed to the satisfaction of the customer both short and long term.