How should I pack my radio that I will be sending to you for repair?

Radios should be packed in the original packing the radio came with.  If this isn’t available, they should be wrapped in large bubble wrap extending 2 to 3 inches out from the radio.  Make sure that the front of the radio has enough protection.  Place it in a box with packing peanuts, tape up and prepare a larger box with an inch or 2 to spare around the first box and fill with peanuts.  Make sure it is sent with insurance so that if there is damage we have that to fall back on.  We have seen in the past radios sent to use with very little packing damaged.  The usual damage we see is the front controls and displays so make sure those areas are well protected.  If your sending a TS-940 without the original packing make sure the rear of the radio in the power supply area is very well packed also.  This is the heaviest part of the radio and always settles to the bottom of a box.  Our rule of thumb is after it’s packed you should be able to throw the box with the radio in it and no damage could be had to the radio.