How should I pack my radio that I will be sending to you for repair?

Radios should be packed in the original containers the radio came with.  If these are not available, they should be wrapped in large bubble wrap extending 2 to 3 inches out from the radio.  Make sure that the front of the radio has enough protection.  Place it in a box with packing peanuts, tape up and prepare a larger box with an inch or 2 to spare around the first box and fill with peanuts.  A reasonable amount of insurance is good, better to have The UPS store or similar pack and ship store, pack it for you and insure it.  The usual damage we see is the front controls and displays so make sure those areas are well protected.

With regard to carrier of choice, we have been using UPS and FedEx with success for many years. A typical box size for a radio would be 10x18x20 for 850 or 870. Typical for 440 or 450 would be 9x6x18. You can put your radio in a 20 inch square box but the carrier will assess dimensional weights and charges to that package and it will be very expensive to ship.

We have not seen a radio damaged in shipping when using original double box sets as came from the manufacturer. If you have the double box set, we will be happy to quote you for inbound shipping and send  you a label for that shipping with Fedex or UPS. If you do not have original containers, we can send you double box sets for the safe shipping of your radio. We have shipping accounts with UPS and FedEx and generally our rates are competitive or even much better than the over the counter rates at your local UPS Store or similar.

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Shipping Notice

International shipping with US Postal Priority Mail, FedEx and UPS is possible to Canada, Europe and Australia and worldwide. Small parts such as filters, chipsets and cables can easily fit into a flat rate envelope which takes 6 to 10 days and costs $30 to Canada and $40 to the rest of the world.