Kenwood TS440s / R5000 Keybounce Repair Service


Kenwood TS440 and Kenwood R5000 Keybounce Repair Service

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We are very pleased to announce our Kenwood TS440 and Kenwood R5000 Keybounce Repair Service.

This repair service will be done on YOUR TS440 or R5000. The keypads will be disassembled and cleaned and the buttons will be replaced from the inside with a new and unused membrane that we have designed and commissioned to have built. The final product arrived in early June of this year and we have tested it to work perfectly on previously keybounce prone radios and transceivers. Until June of 2017, we have not had nor provided keybounce repair as there was not a reliable method known to do this repair. The methods described on various internet sites have been tried and have not proven to us to be reliable over time. Our newest service to repair keybounce IS reliable and effective and provides 100% relief from the bounce as well as a more positive keypad feel. We feel that this is going to be a game changer for TS440 and R5000 owners!

Please plan on sending your radio / transceiver to us in Green Bay, WI 54313 for this service. Return shipping will be at our expense with UPS ground. We can do this repair in conjunction with any of our other services including dot problem or installation of any other accessories. If you feel that you have the technical abilities to replace your own keypad, at your option, you could send us just the keypad itself. Please review the pictures to see the product we are proud to now offer. The first four thumbnail images are of the keypad and internals of a typical 440 Рthe R5000 internals are identical. The second four thumbnail images are showing the replacement keypad internals which eliminate the keybounce problem for both the R5000 and the TS440s.