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You are buying a Kenwood TSxxx Dust Cover from Jahnke Electronics. The available model numbers are TS870, TS850, TS790, TS570, TS590, TS450, TS2000, TS440, TS690, TS430 – all are brand new and pictures of each are attached.

This cover will ship to you FREE in the United States – Priority Mail elsewhere – please email for a quote.

This cover is of felt construction and embroidered with  Kenwood TSxxx with a flip up back cover to allow room for cables and connections on your transceiver.
It has been our experience after servicing hundreds of various Kenwood radios and transceivers that NOT having them covered invites layer upon layer of internal dust. These covers were designed for letting out accumulated heat and keeping dust out of the internals while not in operation.

 Please realize that your satisfaction is assured!

We have sold a number of Kenwood transceiver’s in the past few years, as well as parts and accessories for these radios. Please check our feedback and you will find that we have not had a dissatisfied customer!



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